Galeão, via its Executive Board and its associates, is committed to:


GALEÃO INDÚSTRIA METALÚRGICA LTDA. is a metallurgical manufacturing company founded on January 28, 1992 by José Luiz Cruz Malassise. Its first headquarters was located at Rua Noel Rosa, No. 37, in the neighborhood of Jardim Orlandina – Rudge Ramos, São Bernardo do Campo (State of São Paulo, Brazil).

The place was also its directors' residence. At the time, it was a small venue, having only two lathe machines, two milling cutters, a planer, and a drill. Its main activity was the production of machined parts – to order – for third parties.

Gradually, GALEÃO INDÚSTRIA METALÚRGICA LTDA. grew, and there was a need to look for another location. The choice was a property close to the first, located at Avenida Lauro Gomes, No. 4995, also in the neighborhood of Jardim Orlandina – Rudge Ramos (São Bernardo do Campo, SP). This second (company-owned) headquarters was in place from August 1995 to April 2000.

However, GALEÃO INDÚSTRIA METALÚRGICA LTDA. still needed more space. It then migrated to its current address: Av. Lauro Gomes, No. 4861, Jardim Orlandina – Rudge Ramos. At this third company-owned headquarters, the company currently consists of approximately 40 associates.

In total, it has 95 machines — including lathe machines, milling cutters, drills, boring mills, grinders, planer, saw, emery grinder, equipment for welding, blasting, painting, and handling. Also, a computerized and instrumentation system enables GALEÃO INDÚSTRIA METALÚRGICA LTDA. to provide services with a high-quality standard — which is attested by our clients.


Our industrial park has machines with a variety of functions and dimensions to meet our clients' needs, ensuring quality and precision in the products manufactured.

CNC Lathes with a capacity of up to 1,000 mm (39.37 in) in diameter.

CNC Vertical
Lathe Machine

Mechanical Vertical Lathe Machine

Our welding on equipment meets the AWS D1.1 and ASME Section VIII standards, with Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and painting performed internally — according to procedures specified by clients and following Brazilian (Petrobras) and international (Norsok M-501 System 7) standards. The quality of our services is guaranteed by inspectors certified by the Brazilian Association of Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection (ABENDI, for its acronym in Portuguese), Brazilian Foundation for Welding Technology (FBTS), Brazilian Association for Corrosion (ABRACO), and NACE International.
We use measuring and handling equipment appropriate for the dimensions of the products manufactured.

Welding sector with a handling capacity of up to 2.5 metric tons.

Handling Equipment for parts, with a capacity of up to 10 metric tons.

Mechanical Lathe Machine with a capacity of up to 6 m between ends Ø 1,300 mm on the bed and Ø 1,100 mm on the carriage.

Wotan CNC Boring Mill with 120-mm-spindle

Scharmann Floor Type Boring Mill

Boring Mill with 110-mm-spindle

Instruments used in the inspection of painted equipment.

Measuring room


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Avenida Lauro Gomes, 4861
Jardim Orlandina – Bairro Rudge Ramos –
São Bernardo do Campo – CEP (Zip Code) 09635-010 – SP

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